Zigzags between Divinity & humanity

Jesus did what the early guardians of fire did. The torch bearers took a raging force beyond human reckoning that flattened forests… They took this force and tamed it, domesticating it just enough to work for them, so it cooked their food and warmed their caves. The acquisition of fire raised humanity above other mammals in every way. Human pioneers took control of what every animal innately fears. When human beings acquired fire, its primal other worldly power was brought low. Fire was harnessed by humans: God became human!

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Jesus tempers limited human inquiry and skepticism.  He also tempers the all consuming finality of God. Jesus zigzags between them. He weaves a tapestry that brings warmth and comfort to our frail humanity, and friction that challenges us to reach beyond ourselves toward God.

All things create a shadow. Fire warms our homes and cooks our meals. When untendered it flattens forests, devours neighborhoods, and burns children alive. The greatest shadow is created by God. The Alexandrian Mystics understood this—their genius minds apprehended The Jesus Paradox and its exquisite balance between Divinity and humanity.

In Jesus, the all consuming fire of God found a human vessel where the families of the world could come and warm their souls. From there the mystics took some fire, lit their torches, and found pathways through labyrinths of existential darkness.


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