What Jewish Prophetic Vision Looks Like 06-02-2016

In the Hebrew Scriptures, zeal for justice translates into land ownership being distributed evenly every fifty years, forbidding interest, and periodically canceling debts. Prophets like Nehemiah found debt and debt-slavery rampant in Judah, threatening the foundations of an equitable society. Jesus built on the Jewish prophetic vision of a just God. God’s realm is to be sought here and now in social conditions.

The Sabbath was a temporary reprieve from inequality, a day of rest for all: humans, animals, slaves and owners, children and adults. It was a day of symbolic egalitarianism, which is God’s realm on earth as it is in heaven.

According to a UNICEF report published in the New York Times, a billion children in the world suffer extreme deprivation because of war, disease, and poverty.[1] Which politicians stand for the interests of the poor today,[2] for the interests of children, education, and human rights? Those politicians have my support. Politicians who stand primarily for the interests of big corporations, weapons contractors, and the wealthy don’t need my support.

[1] New York Times, A1.

[2] The ONE campaign (ONE.org) effectively addresses extreme poverty and global disease.