The tragedy of September Eleventh convicted me of the importance of how we think about God. Theology is not a game. Theology matters. Good theology builds bridges and heals divisions in our minds and in our world. Bad theology builds walls between people and promotes violence.

Christianity’s job, in the words of George Fox, is to live in the “power, life, light, seed and wisdom, by which we may take away the occasion of wars.”

Religions perpetuate exclusive dogmas that breed violence in the world. It is up to the guardians of Christian faith to remove seeds of violence from the Body of Christ. This task requires great sensitivity. To preserve orthodoxy while remaining true to the inclusive spirit of Jesus found in the Gospels is a tight-rope, yet we have trusty guides on this sojourn. I believe that our best guides are the Alexandrian Mystics, who I write about in Healing The Divide.