The Jesus Paradox: The Mystic Core of Christian Faith 06-04-2014

The life changing discovery that allows me to remain Christian with integrity is a teaching of the Alexandrian Mystics (3rd to 5th century) on The Jesus Paradox. This teaching has the power to heal Christianity’s Twenty-first Century divide. The Jesus Paradox coheres with my faith, with my Centering Prayer practice, and with my cosmopolitan Twenty-first Century mind. The Jesus Paradox is reasoned passion and passionate reason. It balances head and heart.

Healing The Divide: Recovering Christianity’s Mystic Roots, is the first book to make Jesus’ paradoxical essence as understood by the Alexandrian Mystics accessible to the common reader. The elaborate teaching on The Jesus Paradox of the Alexandrian Mystics is not taught in the West today. It is taught piece meal by inaccessible academics.

The unique aim of my book is to make these early mystics’ core teachings about Jesus accessible. It is also to identify these teachings as the mystic core of Christian faith.