The Jesus Paradox 05-07-2014

The Early Christian Mystics’ teaching about the Jesus Paradox has the power to restore the faith of our ancestors. It has the power to answer the twenty-first century challenges. It can heal Christianity’s present divide. It can heal our polarized tradition, careening towards fundamentalism on the one hand and rootless new age Christianity on the other.

Although virtually unknown, there was a coherent and long standing legacy of Christian mystics—a legacy passed down through generations of monks and clerics in the city of Alexandria in Egypt between 312-454 CE. For one hundred and fifty years there was consensus among the early Christian mystics about Jesus’ paradoxical essence.

I’m convinced that the Jesus Paradox, which I write about in Healing The Divide, is the core theology of Christian Mysticism. The Jesus Paradox simultaneously broadens and holds together the majestic tradition.