Tempering Extremes in Christian Tradition 04-28-2014

In college Christianity wasn’t in vogue. In fact, Christianity was openly lambasted by my peers. Given the general hostility toward Christianity, especially on the West Coast, it is little wonder so many drift away.

The progressively minded Christians I went to school with lamented the state of American Christianity as a whole, which often champions pop-culture sentimentality and devalues reason. Yet, these progressive Christians were unable to find an alternative that gets to the heart of twenty-first century issues.

My progressive Christian friends today most often find themselves in Mainline denominations that are losing numbers yearly. These denominations lack a unified theological stance. At worst they’re wishy-washy about their faith in Christ. Or at best they appeal to the historic Jesus. In summary, their faith lacks the passion of their evangelical and fundamentalist sisters and brothers. And the lack of conviction and passion is a big part of the perpetual decline of Mainline Churches.

The alternatives seem to be passionate yet closed-minded Christianity on the right or open-minded yet watered-down Christianity on the left. Hence the title of Jim Wallis’ book, God’s Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It. My book, Healing The Divide, avoids gridlock and beholds paradox, quits the tug-of-war and harnesses the dynamic creative tension in the rope. We need a New Mind to do that–a holistic mind that sees beyond the endless binaries.