Some of the most brilliant work of psychologist Carl Jung (d. 1961) was on the human shadow. Shadow psychology illuminates religion.

Essentially the thirst for God is the pursuit of the everlasting, unchanging, absolute. This thirst for God has a shadow side, unleashed in immense grotesque proportions on September Eleventh. The thirst for God has a profound shadow. The human psyche also has a vast shadow, which is its subjectivism and skepticism. If ultimate truth is contained in the human mind alone we’re destined to wander in the vast wilderness of postmodernism, moral relativism, and nihilism.

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So how do we take the edge off absolutist claims, which smother religion’s torch and its torch bearers? And how do we take the edge off unbridled skepticism, which loiters around the human psyche? For me the answer is Miaphysite theology’s exquisite symmetry (The Jesus Paradox), which tempers the extremes. The Jesus Paradox is the primary subject of my first book, Healing The Divide.


David Frenette’s book The Path of Centering Prayer reenergized the Centering Prayer tradition with its fresh insights and teachings.  Centering Prayer Meditations: Effortless Contemplation to Deepen Your Experience of God is a wonderful companion audio program  created to be equally rewarding as a stand-alone guide – gives listeners an immersive resource to learn contemplative prayer, step by step and in the moment. With clarity and compassionate presence, Frenette explains the essential principles of this contemplative practice for both new and seasoned practitioners, and then guides us experientially through core prayers and meditations