Reform & Renewal 05-15-2014

Many Christians today don’t have a spiritual home. Part of the reason is the lack of a frame of reference for Christian mysticism. So, many flock to mystics of other world religions.

I believe the teachings of the Alexandrian Mystics, which I write about in Healing The Divide, have the potential to cure spiritual homelessness and spawn Christian reform and renewal.

Christianity needs deep change or it will slowly diminish in influence and die out as it has in Europe. People no longer want a status quo social club. That’s why fraternal orders and social club churches are going extinct. In the twenty-first century staid ceremonial niceties don’t inspire deep commitment and transformation. People want a holistic way of seeing the world. People want a way of life characterized by the profound reverence and ecstatic celebration of the mystics.

My mission is to make the core life-giving mystical theology of the Alexandrian Mystics more accessible. For authentic and deeply rooted mysticism is the highest expression of a faith, and people instinctively yearn for it. The Early Mystics took God seriously—put God at the center. And we yearn to do the same. We need a primal model for understanding Christian mysticism. For mysticism glues together all the fragments, uniting and revitalizing tradition.