Passion that is Reasoned 02-12-2016

For the early church, faith was about relationship to a person: Jesus. It was about mystical communion with him. The law is for children. When we mature, Christ’s inclusive love as demonstrated in the Gospels, takes precedence over the law. Instead of writing a fifteen point checklist for us, Paul writes, “God has sent the Spirit of Christ into our hearts” (Galatians 4:6).

Communion with Christ requires our whole selves: body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Our love for Jesus can’t succumb to mere setimentality; to swaying back and forth like a love-struck teenager. Our love for Jesus can’t be reduced to a “Jesus is my boyfriend” approach to praise music. Open-hearted, tasteful praise music within a larger context of a responsible and life-giving theology of Jesus, is beautiful. But, if Jesus becomes about my insular teen heartthrob relationship and doesn’t try to make sense of him within the larger context of our pluralistic world, we’re lost.

We need passion for Jesus that is reasoned (rooted in life-giving theology). We also need reason that is passionate (quickened by the fire of the Christian Mystics). May concerned Christians catch the fire and reclaim the pulse at the center!