NONDUAL* 08-21-2014

In a recent Youtube video I watched by Centering Prayer teacher and author Cynthia Bourgault, she said that “Centering Prayer leads to a transformation of consciousness. That transformation is characterized by what we can call ‘nondual’ awareness.”

Nondual is a relatively new word–new to the English language. We have some sense of what it means in the context of Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Yet, it can seem foreign to Christianity, especially Western Christian Tradition. The Jesus Paradox (Miaphysite) changes that! Christianity has its very own epicenter of this mystical word… The mystical theology of The Jesus Paradox preserved by the Oriental Orthodox Church is the authentic Christian starting point for the profound term, nondual.

Nondual is not something we have to search for in Eastern traditions. Christianity has its own Eastern Tradition! And nondual is at the heart of it in the form of the Jesus Paradox–that Jesus is “at once God and human.” This lightning-bolt insight transforms Christianity.

In the divided Church of the Twenty-first century the nondual awareness of Jesus is essential. It saves us from the dualistic extremes of fundamentalist and new age Christianity. The nondual awareness of Jesus also penetrates the reality of Creator and creature, absolute and relative, Divine and human, Cosmic Christ and Historical Jesus… We begin to see them as they are–one dynamic integral whole!

Athanasius of Alexandria was once asked, “How is Jesus equal to God?” He answered, “Like sight is equal to the eyes!”