Jesus is multidimensional. He’s the laughing Jesus, who reclines at table with misfits and oddballs (Luke 7:36-50). He’s the fiery eyed prophet who overturns temple tables and drives out money-changers with a whip (Matthew 21:12). He’s the compassionate one who weeps at the death of his beloved friend Lazarus’ (John 11:35). He’s the ecstatic desert mystic who fasts and prays forty days and nights (Luke 4:1-2).

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Jesus is the God-man who walks on the stormy sea (Mark 6:48). He’s the healer whose electricity flows from his robes—one touch of the robe’s hem and you’ll come away whole (Luke 8:44). He’s the baby born of peasants lying in the damp hay among barn animals (Luke 2:16). He’s the young man who amazes scholars with his profound knowledge of Hebrew scripture (Luke 2:46-47). He’s the wordsmith with the exquisite combination of words that evade the legalistic Pharisees (Matthew 22:15-22). He’s the son who, at the point of death, thinks first of his mother’s welfare (John 19:26-27). He’s the self-disciplined master of nonviolence (Matthew 26:52).

Jesus was comfortable with all of these roles because, like God, he had a sense of humor. Spaciousness and humor characterize supple minds. They’re also the traits of bending green branches. It’s the hard brittle branches that snap. Hardened minds take extreme measures lacking all humor—jettisoning planes into buildings and bombing abortion clinics.

Humor tempers and saves our tradition.


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