LOSS OF FAITH 11-05-2015

People want to believe—they want to hold on. But they begin to lose the struggle and faith silently slips away. When faith no longer hits home people begin going through the motions.

Then deadening inertia plops down on the couch and absorbs the values of television and the “sex and money” culture. Then discernment gets compromised. Then life takes on a dull meaningless quality void of transcendence, void of religion. Then people are vulnerable to simplistic toxic varieties of religion. Then people are more vulnerable to fixations and disintegration. Then there is a hollow sinking feeling that needs to be filled with pornography, alcohol, and video game addiction. Then people forget what’s most important: our primary relationship with God and one another.

If we can’t connect to God as revealed to us and to our people (Jesus), then alienation takes on new power, disconnecting us from our soul’s depths and from our ancestors. If we cut ourselves off from the deep abiding memory of God preserved in our tradition, we soon become strangers in an alien land, forgetting where we came from and where we’re going.