Interior Depth 06-22-2014

For the early Christians, mysticism was not esoteric. It was their life blood.

Alexandria, Egypt between 250 and 450 CE had the greatest number of monastic Christian communities the world has ever known. During this period Alexandria valued monastic disciplines and cultivated mystics as no other city before or since. Alexandrians honored the experience of monks above the hierarchy of clergy. The authority of Alexandrian theology was rooted in monastic experience and silent prayer. I refer to this as Monastic Authority. The Alexandrian Mystics emphasized a lineage of spiritual masters.

Alexandrian Mystics went into profound detail about the mystical union of Jesus’ full Divinity and full humanity. These elegant teachings have interior depth missing from Western Christianity. My hope is to introduce this depth to the Western reader through my book, Healing The Divide. Healing The Divide explores the crown jewel of the Alexandrian Mystics: The Jesus Paradox. The Jesus Paradox has the depth and depth and power to heal divisions in the mind and heart.