My faith doesn’t follow the usual framework of mainstream Western Christianity. Like The Alexandrian Mystics, my faith is centered in the incarnation. The goal of my faith isn’t exclusive rights to forgiveness through Jesus. The goal of my faith is union with Christ in prayer and service to humanity in the here and now.

In Jesus God is re-created in solidarity with humanity and human nature (including my brokenness) is re-created in God. I’m a new creation in Christ! For now I realize there’s a power in this world greater than death. Jesus’ power is dynamic love, in communion with God in unceasing prayer and in solidarity with humanity through service. That power can come awake in me, quicken my pulse, course through my veins. The blood flows back and forth from the center (God) to the extremities (people and other living beings).

The Alexandrian Mystics remind us, the true garden of paradise is not a place but a state of consciousness… of union with God… So the incarnation wasn’t just a dramatic historic event. The incarnation is a reality we experience here and now—an ever deepening and unfolding relationship. Thomas Merton wrote, “The peak of the mystical life is the marriage of the soul with God through prayer, which gives the saints a miraculous power, a smooth and tireless energy in working for God and for people, which bears fruits in the sanctity of thousands and changes the course of history” (Merton, The Seven Storey Mountain, epilogue).