God is working through us in the world. The Holy Spirit is at work in new and fresh ways in every generation. Thank God revelation isn’t fixed by the covers of the Bible.

After Paul and the early church leaders wrote their letters, Albert Schweitzer (d. 1965) added another letter called “Building a Hospital in Africa.” Then Mother Teresa (d. 1997) added a letter called “My Work with India’s Poor.” Then Jim Wallis added another letter called “The Sojourner Community.” Through the generations countless prophets have contributed their books. And without the subsequent books Christianity would be dead—a thing of the past, no longer of consequence, no longer pulsing and shaping history. The wisdom teachers and social prophets were co-creators with God. God without Albert Schweitzer would have been without hands and feet in Gabon, Africa. God without Mother Teresa would have been without hands and feet in Calcutta, India.

God the Creator is transcendent. God the creatures is immanent. If the Word is going to become flesh it has to become flesh through us, God’s creatures. That’s what we’re created for.

The culmination of contemplating the incarnation is to incarnate the Word God has for us. If God only incarnated 2000 years ago we’re in trouble. But if we become the body of Christ, we can reflect a fraction of his glory. Then there’s hope, which is the only thing stronger than fear! Each of us has a part to play. Angelus Silesius (d. 1677) put it well:

Christ could be born
a thousand times in Galilee—
but all in vain
until He is born in me.