How We Imagine Ultimate Reality 2 01-06-2018

If people have a fixed dualistic understanding of God, faith becomes stagnant.

The truth is we’re baptized in a river. And we never step into the same river twice. The river is always morphing. Jesus’ mystical essence is a moving target. If our ultimate truth (The Jesus Paradox) is a moving target that can’t be pinned down then we’re less vulnerable to enticing absolutes. Then our faith will safeguard us from fixations, ultimatums, and violence. Then our faith will have breadth worthy of the mystics and worthy of the Twenty-first Century.

The Jesus Paradox calls a cease fire, it halts trench digging. It keeps our minds pliant, able to come up with creative solutions on the spot, to create space where there is no space, to find humor in the humorless situation.

May the cease fires be called! May the trenches be filled! May dynamic union and paradox win the day, not absolutes! May the body of Christ be cured of its excesses and be restored to wholeness!

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