Grizzlies and Rattlesnakes 09-26-2014

The West battles against the unwanted forces of nature. Unwanted creatures, like California’s grizzly bears, which used to run in packs along its beaches, were annihilated. Grizzlies are no more in the state of California. Rattlesnakes are killed on sight in Texas’ open range. Bat colonies are blasted out of caves and abandoned mine shafts in the Midwest. Yet when the rattlesnakes are gone, the mice take over. When the bats are gone, the mosquitoes get out of control. And when the grizzlies are gone the grandeur of God’s creation is diminished.

The truth is something good comes from rattlesnakes, bats, grizzlies, prostitutes, lepers, and tax collectors. Something good even comes from abhorred diseases like smallpox. For some time a number of Western scientists wanted to rid the world of smallpox—to eradicate it completely from the planet. Others prudently argued the smallpox virus should be preserved for future generations. The unique virus could prove valuable to medical research. So, the smallpox virus was saved for its innate long-term worth and possible contribution to future medicine.

Interestingly, the AIDS virus is treated completely differently by Chinese and Western medicine. Chinese medicine assumes the virus will always exist and attempts to build the human body’s resistance, so the body can live with the virus. The Western approach is to eliminate the virus completely. The first approach to the virus is more holistic, the second more linear. The first has a built-in sense of paradox. The second is the slave of reason. Reason labels some things good and others bad, then plots a line from one end to the other. Progress is advancement along the line. According to this thinking, fat is bad and should be removed through liposuction. Wrinkles are bad and should be flattened with Botox; the AIDS virus is bad and should be eliminated, period.

In contrast to the dualistic Western perspective, the holistic approach concedes that good can come from the smallpox virus and from working with, rather than against, the AIDS virus. Holistic methods of weight reduction and reverse aging work with the entire system, instead of isolating and eliminating the unwanted. The holistic mind of Jesus eats at table with the disreputable scum-bags, lavishing them with God’s grace. Environmentalists work with, not against, perceived pests like grizzly bears, bats, and rattlesnakes.