Compromise and Collaboration 04-29-2017

Cross-pollination and hybridization create resilient strains of thinking that hold up to the onslaught of twenty-first century challenges… Innovative and courageous thinkers help solve twenty-first century problems. Innovative people don’t get stuck in binary thinking. They think for themselves.

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If we’re able to look at multi-dimensional issues from a number of angles, conceding the merits of seemingly opposing views, there’s hope for the future. Beyond the dualistic quagmire there’s a third way that transcends and includes the dualisms. Both diplomacy and peace require supple minds and dynamic faith. Entrenched views and static faith won’t do. We long for a dynamic holistic approach. We long for the freeing and transformative Jesus Paradox.

The road to peace is often thwarted by unbridled nationalism. The Hindu nationalist who killed Mahatma Gandhi believed the Mahatma had given up too much to the hated Muslims during partition. The Israeli nationalist who killed Prime Minister Rabin believed Rabin was conceding too much to the hated Palestinians.

Hardliners oppose collaboration—give and take. Yet collaboration is the road to integrity, wholeness, and peace. Adept and sensitive souls are capable of creative synergy reaching beyond mere compromise to collaborative solutions better than either party could conceive on their own. The one plus one of the incarnation, doesn’t produce two. It produces an ineffable dynamic unity far greater than two!


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