God doesn’t will any of the worlds’ suffering and wants to prevent it. But God can’t prevent suffering alone. God needs us.

This is powerful theology, because it puts the responsibility for the state of the world back on our shoulders. The process theology doesn’t settle for cowardly nods to God’s will. God’s will is limited and needs us to act. If we stand by while people suffer evils we could prevent, we’re faithless. If we sit around and wait for supernatural miracles, we’re deluded. If we roll up our sleeves and get to work, we’re among the saints.

Throughout the Bible, God’s mind is changed in response to faithful servants. In Genesis, Abraham argues with God, and at times changes God’s mind (Genesis 18:16-33). Similarly, in the Gospels, a Gentile woman changes Jesus’ mind (Matthew 15:21-28). In other words we share power with God. Human beings are the body of Christ in the world today!

If God’s dominion comes on earth as in heaven (Matthew 6:10), it will be because Mary consented to be an instrument of God (Luke 2). Moses consented. John the Baptist consented. Nelson Mandela consented. I consent. You consent…to the process of becoming co-creators with God!