A Search for Depth in Christian Tradition 04-16-2014

I grew up all over the world and took in the world’s religions by osmosis. Countries outside the United States where I’ve lived include Indonesia, Bolivia, Yemen, Uganda, and India.

Many of my peers have been exposed to the world’s religions. And as a result they can no longer accept the unquestioned Christian dogmas of previous generations. Their worldview has expanded and now their faith needs broadening to stay relevant.

The task of integrating twenty-first century insights with Christian tradition is daunting, so many of my peers reject Christianity wholesale. Others jump ship to other spiritually rich religious traditions that speak credibly to Twenty-first Century challenges. Still others retreat from organized religion in order to fashion tailor-made spiritualities borrowed from various traditions.

My approach was different. I believed Christianity had the spiritual depth to weather the twenty-first century storms. And I passionately sought out this depth.

The spiritual vigor I looked for wasn’t taught in my childhood church. I was taught many valuable lessons of community life and humble service, but the essence of Jesus and the deep spiritual underpinnings of his teachings eluded me. I think they also eluded the minister of my youth. Yet I instinctively knew the deep spirituality of Christian tradition and the language to contain it existed. So I searched.