A Lineage of Mystic Teachings & Its Relevance Today 07-05-2014

Mystic traditions the world over place great emphasis on a lineage of spiritual masters. When spiritual masters through the ages wrestle with the same questions and pass down their knowledge, the collective wisdom is deeper and more multi-dimensional than isolated individual mystics can achieve.

Unknown to the West, an authoritative body of mystical teaching has been passed down through generations! This mystic core of Christian faith is vastly important today because everywhere I go, clergy groups agree there’s a divide in Western Christianity. This is especially true when it comes to debates around Jesus’ person. This is precisely where the exceptionally relevant insights of the Alexandrian Mystics (Alexandrian Fathers, Cyril in particular) penetrate.

Clergy are aware of the two poles of the Jesus debate. And when I outline the original synthesis of The Alexandrian Mystics, the positive response is dramatic. No one is attempting to bridge the obvious theological divide. My work charts a new course outside the well-worn conservative and liberal arguments.

For liberal Christians there is too much ambiguity and confusion about Jesus. For conservative Christians, there’s too much dogmatic certainty and not enough mystery. The Alexandrian Mystics provide a fresh and compelling angle on Jesus—a more balanced and nuanced understanding.