A Faithful Remnant 12-11-2015

The prophets place overwhelming importance on the faithful remnant (Isaiah 6:13). This remnant is the few who make ancient scriptures relevant and accessible to each generation; the few who don’t settle for dusty hardback academic treatises, the few who don’t settle for cotton candy televangelists. We need faith that’s ancient and contemporary. We need faith that beams from the fiery eyes of mystics—that’s anchored in Jesus’ primal essence.

I pray for a faithful remnant of Christians in the West who learn from their Oriental Orthodox sisters and brothers and who return to the center, avoiding the errors of fundamentalism and new age. I pray that the deepest spiritual roots of Christian tradition (The Jesus Paradox) fan out, supporting an ever widening grove of mystics, who transform Christianity because of their conviction and breadth. This Christianity is in stark contrast to the “convicted and narrow” brand and the “broad, yet wishy-washy” brand of Christianity. For Christian renewal, we need both conviction and breadth.

If a more balanced Christianity takes hold in the West, it will spawn more bridge building between denominations and greater unity among Christians of different stripes. It will also generate more secure and honest interfaith dialogue, making Christianity more relevant.