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AMOS’ FIRST BOOK titled HEALING THE DIVIDE is a bold call to understand Jesus according to the earliest lineage of Christian Mystics—a call to transform our dualistic minds and heal a divided Church.

titled BE STILL AND LISTEN will publish on June 12th 2018. You can pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or ChristianBook.com.

titled CENTERING PRAYER JOURNEY is scheduled for publication in 2019. Stay tuned for details!


Amos Smith’s unique voice is rooted in his long-term centering prayer practice and his international background. His latest book, Be Still and Listen, is a trumpet call to the inner treasures of contemporary Christian mysticism.

-Richard Rohr, author of Falling Upward


Be Still and Listen promises to be a refreshing companion to your spiritual journey, helping you deepen your capacity for presence of being, assisting you to live in the here and now, and guiding you along the mystical path with Christ.

–Phileena Heuertz, author of Pilgrimage of a Soul


In a lively, accessible, and masterful style Amos Smith’s latest book, Be Still and Listen, unveils the mystical foundations of Christianity and the spiritual wealth found in scripture.

-Kyriacos Markides, author of The Mountain of Silence


Amos’ writing tempers the polarizing madness afflicting Western Christianity today.

-Ken Barnes, UCC Pastor


Our hearts hunger, our souls thirst, for the freedom and spiritual life that existed in the Garden — of walking close to God in the cool of the evening and being complete and whole. Amos Smith’s book shows us how we can recover a portion of that in our interior lives now. The book is wise, caring, challenging, and helpful. Read it. Then put it into practice. You’ll be blessed.

–J. Brent Bill: author of Holy Silence


Be Still and Listen has made me think deeply about my own spiritual life and practice. I am confident that this important book will have a similar impact on you.

-Dale Hanson Bourke, author of Embracing Your Second Calling


Amos Smith reminds us that the path of centering prayer and Christian Mysticism is not a race. It’s a marathon. As many scriptures attest, our relationship with God requires patient waiting in stillness and silence, day after day, month after month, year after year. The marvel is that in time God will transform us!

-Rich Lewis, contemplative author and centering prayer workshop leader


Amos Smith’s mystical writing builds bridges between Eastern and Western Christianity.

-Abba Yohannes, Ethiopian Orthodox Monk


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In Healing The Divide, Amos Smith’s fresh perspective preserves the integrity of Christian mysticism’s epicenter from contamination from both The Christian hard right and the sometimes rudderless new age.

-Cynthia Bourgeault, author of The Wisdom Jesus


This is a foundational work written in a style that will be respected by scholars–yet easily accessible to ordinary Christians and would be seekers. The Jesus Paradox revealed in Healing The Divide is needed for the foundational reform and reformulation of the Christian message… This book is ground breaking! It reveals the primary image that was made to order to teach Christians non dual consciousness, but an image that we failed to form in our hearts and minds. We never overcame the divide in the Christ, so we did not know how to overcome the divide in ourselves. Amos Smith will show you the path of dynamic union that will move you far beyond mere philosophical belief.

–Richard Rohr, author of Immortal Diamond


Read Healing The Divide, and eat the mystery. It’s a check-up call to your identity and mission.

-Leonard Sweet, author of I Am a Follower


Healing The Divide is an essential book for the evolution of Christian consciousness and the healing of our world. With respectable scholarship and approachable prose, Amos Smith inspires the reader to not only be informed about Christianity’s mystical roots but committed to bridging the gap between the dual and non-dual aspects of our faith. Healing the Divide will give you new respect for the Alexandrian Mystics (Alexandrian Fathers and most of the Desert Mothers and Fathers between 312–454 CE), their adherence to Miaphysite theology (The Jesus Paradox) and the need for Western Christianity to recover our understanding of this part of our faith tradition. Grappling with Miaphysite theology promises hope for Christianity’s endurance and relevancy for the evolution of consciousness and the healing of our world.
#NewMonasticism #CenteringPrayer #ChristianMysticism #JesusParadox #NonViolence

-Phileena Heuertz, author of Pilgrimage of a Soul


There are so many suggestions in publication re. a direction for Postmodern Christianity, most of them contradicting one another. All feel like a stab in the dark. Amos Smith convincingly argues that there IS a way forward for Postmodern faith and that way is rooted in Christian Mysticism—in the theology of The Jesus Paradox. The Jesus Paradox that Smith celebrates in his book is Christian Mysticism’s theological core and the way forward for Postmodern Christianity. I am glad that Amos Smith’s five roots of Christian Mysticism include New Monasticism and Nonviolence. Smith’s organization, RCMR, is a Postmodern synthesis of the most primary threads of Christian Mysticism through the ages.

-Kenneth McIntosh, author of Water from an Ancient Well


I have practiced Centering Prayer for six years. I never found a root theological basis for my Centering Prayer practice until I encountered The Jesus Paradox taught by Amos Smith in Healing The Divide. Amos Smith’s organization, RCMR, has given me other central points of emphasis, such as New Monasticism and Nonviolence, which have helped me to integrate my Centering Prayer practice and understand it within a broader holistic framework. I now understand my calling and life choices within the context of New Monasticism. And I now understand my Nonviolence activism within the context of my Centering Prayer practice.

–Janis Stephens, church member



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